icharms Security

Security is fundamental to our reputation. This page describes the measures we take to ensure that icharms is a secure place for your data.

Solution architecture

icharms is Software-as-a-Service, running on Microsoft Azure’s Platform-as-a-Service (read more) which securely:

  • hosts and delivers the software – which means the icharms web app, Forms, the API, the Data Service etc

  • hosts the data

Organisational and personnel

icharms Security Group

We accept that security isn’t only the obligation of the item advancement group, it is broad. Along these lines we have set up a cross-practical Security Group that meets quarterly to survey security in general, talk about new turns of events and plan their execution if proper.


icharms team members have to undergo security training from CyberClear Academy.

Access to the infrastructure

Access to the SaaS / PaaS infrastructure is provided to appropriate personnel, and is protected by Two-Factor Authentication and IP filtering.

Physical security

As would be expected from one the leading global cloud hosts, Microsoft have comprehensive measures in place to secure all of their data centres from physical as well as electronic intrusion. This includes access request and approval protocols; perimeter and building access controls; biometric authentication; time-limited visits; full-body scanning and zoned access areas. Read more.


Encryption of data in transit