Environmental Statement

icharms is a cloud programming business with customers across the UK and in Europe. The greatest dangers to the climate from cloud programming industry are:

    • .server farms – famous for contributing what is assessed to be 3,2% of worldwide CO2 discharges by 2025
    • .travel – including driving and travel to on location gatherings

This is the way we have relieved against those dangers:

Server farms

icharms has been produced for the cloud, and runs more effectively than more seasoned “on-premise” arrangements that have basically been facilitated in the cloud. So it normally devours less assets. Genuine multi-inhabitant cloud arrangements like icharms are just about as much as 98% more carbon proficient than on-premise arrangements.

However, the worldwide cloud stage you decide to have your application likewise matters. Some are more earth mindful than others. icharms runs on the Microsoft Azure cloud foundation. As of now carbon-impartial since 2012, Microsoft is focused on being carbon negative/environment positive by 2030.


We have generally killed travel from the business by plan. The icharms group works completely from home, with group social occasions a small bunch of times each year. We have no office, in this manner we have totally wiped out the critical carbon cost of driving.

We unequivocally encourage our customers to direct gatherings with icharms on the web, not just killing the carbon cost of venturing out to gatherings, yet additionally setting aside time and cash. On the off chance that there is a carbon balanced alternative (eg on air tickets) we take that.